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Over the past 22 years, we have developed many safe and unique systems for doing live diversions, hot taps, stop-offs and pipe freezing.

Hot Tapping is the installation of a branch into live and operating pipework, thus eliminating the expense of turning off vital equipment, which otherwise could only be done during a costly shut-down period.

Pipe Freezing enables a water pipework system to be “plugged” to allow works on a particular pipework section to be carried out, thus eliminating the costly need to drain the pipework. Note: The line must be turned off & cooled during these freezing works.

At least one of these procedures are effective on live gas, water, air, oil and many other process liquids.

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Our workforce of fully qualified and registered plumbers have vast experience in industrial Plumbing & Gas-fitting.

Whether it is modifications to existing pipework, or fabrication of new projects, above ground, or underground, we have the skills, experience and equipment to service your requirements.

Our previous projects include gas, air, water, steam and process liquids. We have the capacity to service any and all of your pipe laying requirements.

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